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We know that you may be concerned about unnecessary exposure to chemicals, and are sensitive to what is being put in and around your environment. If you don’t like the idea of gallons of chemicals sprayed around your household, office, restaurant, or workplace then call EnviroCare exterminators for your completely customized pest control solution. 

We are the safest and healthiest pest control choice for your business or household. Now, you can get year-round protection and peace of mind through our sustainable pest control solutions that will stop pest problems before they start.

We do inspections, evaluations, and proactive preventative care. We will visit your home, treat the inside and outside, and create a custom plan against pests, insects and rodents. Most importantly, we work with organic and environmentally friendly pest control services in Columbus, Ohio, giving you peace of mind and eliminating your pest population. We'll keep your home, office, or workplace insect free. We can also do the same for your flowers, plants, fruit trees and garden, including vegetable gardens.

Our custom pest control treatments in Columbus and Central Ohio adapt with the season, addressing the pest activity in your area and giving you full protection all year long. We will re-treat the outside of your home and make sure that all pests are eliminated.

Our exterminator services are designed to keep pests outside before they even reach the inside. The eco-friendly products we use will break the life cycle of pests, and make sure that all cracks and crevices are taken care of.

Organic Pest Control Plans & Bug Treatment include the following:

Bed Bug Control: Organic Bed Bug Treatment

Rodent Control: voles, moles, snakes, mice, rats

Insect Control: ants, beetles, crickets, bees, wasps, hornets, grubs, yellow jackets, spider, armored bugs, termites, roach, cockroach, mayfly, kissing bug, mud dauber, bumblebee, earwigs, lady bugs, fleas, silverfish, firebrats

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Do you want to live pest-free, without unecessary exposure to chemicals?

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Eco-Friendly Exterminator Services & Green Pest Control Solutions

If you are looking for green pest control solutions in Columbus and Central Ohio, you are in the right place. Trust our experts at MyEnvirocare for the most comprehensive and eco-conscious pest management services. With us, you can keep your commitment to your environmental standards, and benefit from our extensive knowledge. 

We have decades of combined experience and are highly trained and skilled in determining the best approach to your pest problem in Columbus, Ohio. We use advanced equipment and modern techniques to help residential and commercial owners eliminate pests through economical and eco-friendly solutions.

We continuously implement green pest solutions and use the most effective methods and materials to deliver a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our insect and bug technicians are always in line with the most evolving pest management technologies and standards to provide you with the results you expect, without products that harm the environment.

We provide pest control for the following areas in the Columbus, OH area:
• Upper Arlington
• Dublin
• Columbus
• Powell
• Grandview
• Bexley
• New Albany
• Westerville
• Gahanna
• Olentangy
• German Village
• Short north
• OSU Campus
• Clintonville
• Worthington

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We Care About Your Safety

At EnviroCare Pest Solutions, your personal safety and healthy environment is our main concern.  We want to give you peace of mind knowing we are unique in the industry with our dedication to human and environmental safety in pest control solutions.

Our goal is to completely eliminate your pest population while using the least amount of materials. Every product we use is odorless, non-staining, and healthier for the environment and your family than conventional, synthetic chemicals.

EnviroCare Pest Solutions offers the environmentally mindful choice of organic and natural pest control options in Columbus, Ohio. Interested in a free inspection? Call us today at (614) 586-2847 or use the form below to schedule a time that works for you!

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29 reviews on
Mary Scruggs
Mary Scruggs
August 31, 2023
We call him for all of our pest control needs. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. All of his sprays are natural and they work really well. His prices are fair, and he is dependable. When we called him about a bee problem he was at our home within the hour.
Beth Davis
Beth Davis
August 7, 2023
Karl was so prompt and cost-effective. Took care of our hornet problem and said that if they rebuilt a nest that he would come back and remove for no additional cost. Super friendly and informative and speedy!
Craig Miller
Craig Miller
July 31, 2023
Gary was awesome, professional and a great tech to work with. Highly recommend this company and always ask for gary!!!!
Madeline Higgins
Madeline Higgins
July 14, 2023
They respond quickly and got us scheduled immediately! Bye bye ants!
Diana Burke
Diana Burke
June 11, 2023
Karl has treated wasps and ants for us over the past couple of years. The work was completed within a couple of days, and the treatment was effective. I like that his treatment is organic and environmentally friendly. Highly recommend!
Ashley Rinehart
Ashley Rinehart
March 8, 2023
Karl has been our go to bug guy for 6+ years. He works magic on eliminating unwanted pests in our older home. He is quick to respond, is a wealth of insight, and keeps you informed of his process every step of the way. Karl is a gem!
India Burton
India Burton
February 21, 2023
10/10 service across the board! Karl is always professional and kind! I’ve been using this service since 2020 and I’ve yet to have a problem 😁
Kyle Rinehart
Kyle Rinehart
June 30, 2022
We have used Karl for the last 5 years at multiple houses in the Columbus area. There has not been an issue they can’t take of. We have a 100 year old house and we rarely see any insects in or around our property after his treatments. His pricing is fair and very easy to communicate with. I have referred him to many others and they love him as well! Don’t go anywhere else.
Judy O'Keefe
Judy O'Keefe
June 15, 2022
Envirocare Pest Solutions is a five star company! I would trust no other company with the job of keeping my home and yard free of bugs and insects. It is also important to me that the environment of my home and yard is kept as safe as possible from the use of unhealthy chemicals. I have used Envirocare Pest Solutions for eight years with no regrets!
EnviroCare Pest Solutions

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