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What’s Really Going On With The Kissing Bug?

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Kissing Bug

Triatomine bug also known to us as the kissing bug has been all over news lately.
What is the truth behind their deadly bites?

Kissing bug is nocturnal and about an inch long and feeds on mammal’s blood.
They specially like to bite around lips and faces of people.
Bites are deadly only if it is infected with the parasite trypanosoma cruzi defecate and the fecal matter infects the bite. This infection is called Chagas disease.

According to Sarah Hamer who is assistant professor of epidemiology at Texas A&M’s veterinary and biomedical school. “It’s great we are heightening our awareness but we don’t need to be terribly scared.” She also says that it is rare for kissing bugs to feed on people. The studies have also found that there is only about one case Chagas for every 900-4,000 contacts with infected kissing bugs.

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Going back to school in Columbus, Ohio?? Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs back to your dorm room.

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Dorm Move in bed bug Inspection

-Before considering buying “secondhand” furniture, properly inspect for bugs to insure that there isnt a pest problem, such as bed bugs. If you see anything questionable, do not bring it to campus.
-Extensively inspect your suitcases prior to re-packing for a return to school. Particularly if you have traveled during the summer break. Make sure all your clothes that may have been previously packed in the suitcase have been washed and dried in hot temperatures .
-Before unpacking and putting your sheets on your dormitory bed, inspect the mattress seams, particularly at the corners, for stains or spots. Also thoroughly inspect the entire dorm room, pay attention to the headboard and in sofas/chairs.


Are you escaping Columbus Ohio one last time before the end of summer?

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012
Bug Free Living

Bug Free Living

Can you believe our summer is almost over? If your thinking about taking advantage of one last summer vacation get away to enjoy the weather, don’t forget to protect your home from bugs as well.

To help our customers avoid a variety of pest problems while away and send those unexpected bugs packing for this last get away, we have put together the following pest prevention to-do list.

• Cut trees and bushes away from your home to keep insects, especially ants, from using them as a highway into your home.
• Remove or drain sources of standing water in your yard that could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes including kiddie pools, birdbaths and buckets. Also consider cleaning out rain gutters to prevent water from standing in the drains.
• Using airtight containers to store leftover food especially sweets can prevent ant infestations.
• Remove all garbage prior to leaving for vacation and be sure any last minute garbage is removed or placed in well-sealed trash cans so as not to attract any critters.
• Sealing clothes in large plastic bags in your suitcase and keep them sealed during your hotel stay to prevent beg bugs from hiding within you suitcase. When you get home, inspect and vacuum all suitcases and bags before bringing them inside and wash all clothing in hot water.
• Pack snacks for your road trip in airtight containers to ensure ants do not travel with you on vacation.

We hope this checklist allows you and your family to enjoy your last escape from Columbus Ohio together knowing your home is protected from all types of intruders!

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Prevention of Carpenter Bees Columbus Ohio

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012
Columbus Ohio Carpenter Bee

Columbus Ohio Carpenter Bee

To understand a carpenter bee infestation you need to know what to look for. If you see the presence of a half-inch round holes in dry, unfinished wood, with piles of sawdust underneath you could have a problem. Also look for yellow streaks of fecal matter staining the wood below the hole. If the hole is occupied, you will find the male bee flying in the area when you are near that hole. Usually a pair of carpenter bees occupies each hole. The female bee is usually making the holes while male bee standing guard outside.

We believe Prevention is the best method.

-Carpenter Bees generally tend to target the same places every year. Carpenter bees like bare, unfinished wood. One preventative measure would be to paint and then finish (with varnish or sealant) wood that has been repeatedly infested.
-When possible we suggest that, exterior parts of buildings, decks, outdoor furnishings and other wooden structures should be constructed out of hardwoods. This makes the structures less appealing.
-Be sure to Fill cracks and depressions in wood surfaces with wood putty so they are less attractive.
-Fill vacant holes present in wood with steel-wool to prevent the carpenter bees from coming back. Wait until after bees have emerged before filling the holes. Once filled, paint or varnish the repaired surfaces.


Preventing Bed Bugs in Columbus Ohio

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Bed Bugs Columbus Ohio

With the Media so accessible, Everyone has been able to follow news stories of large bed bug infestations overtaking some of the most respected hotel chains in some of the largest cities in the United States, this includes Columbus, Ohio. Practicing good prevention method is a good way to help avoid getting bed bugs in the first place.

Generally the adults are reddish-brown in color, but these bugs can range in color depending on the current stage of growth. The coloring can include white to light tan and to orange-brown. Bed bugs can appear flatten and oval in shape between its blood feedings, but will puff up after eating. They are about a quarter of an inch in length which can be visible to the naked eye.

If you are unsure, then you can always inquire with EnviroCare Pest Solutions. A good rule is to look for dark brown fecal stains around the seams of the mattress and on the wall beside the bed can be a good sign of trouble.

Bed bugs will generally infest near the beds in the home, because that’s the best opportunity for regular feedings. The small Bed Bugs will hide in cracks and crevices of the mattress or box spring, drawers or in the dark areas because they are nocturnal Creatures

If you are having an overnight guest? Coming home from a hotel or from a college dorm? The cleanest homes and businesses have the potential for bed bug infestation, so its smart to inspect luggage, clothing, bags, coats, and purses. Regularly check your bedding and furniture in your own home. Especially check anywhere you decide to stay overnight. When your finally arrive home, never place the bags directly on the bed. Be cautious when buying used furniture, This is particularly true of mattresses that may already been harboring bed bugs.

If you find bed bugs in bags or in your clothing, immediately trap the Bed Bugs in plastic bags and wash the clothing as soon as possible. Washing and drying the clothes at the highest possible temperatures. If they are spotted on or around your bedding, then immediate call to the bed bug control experts at EnviroCare Pest Solutions.

Attempting to rid the pests on your own is nearly impossible, so it is best to call a bed bug exterminator in Columbus, Ohio before the problem gets out of hand. You could make the problems worse if the bed bugs moves to other parts of the house.


Columbus Ohio Ant Prevention tips

Friday, March 16th, 2012
Ant Prevetion in Columbus Ohio

Ant Prevetion in Columbus Ohio

EnviroCare Pest Solutions recommends that homeowners follow these tips to avoid ant infestations:

-Do not store firewood and building materials next to your home.
-Keep food in sealed containers and dispose of garbage regularly.
-Seal cracks and holes around a home.
-Keep tree branches cut back from the house.
-Eliminate sources of moisture or standing water near a home.
-Keep pet food and water dishes clean and remove any spilled food.

Columbus Ohio Ant control


Mild winter in Columbus Ohio could brings more pests.

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Columbus Ohio Sunny Day

To guard against the early pests infestation, EnviroCare Pest Solutions Suggest a few tips to homeowners:

Maintain at least 1 inch between soil and any wood portions of your home.
Keep mulch away from your foundation.
Seal cracks and small openings around the outside of your house.
Get rid of standing water or moisture.
Keep your tree and other plants trimmed back from so they are not touching your house.
Keep trash containers cleaned out
Put screen windows and doors up around the house.
If you see any problems, contact EnviroCare Pest Solutions to recommend the best course of treatment.


Worlds Strongest Spiders

Monday, February 20th, 2012

If you got any of these in your house, you better call a professional.


Bat Bugs are commonly mistaken for Bed Bugs

Thursday, January 12th, 2012
Bat Bug

Bat Bug

Customers have been making mistakes being concerned with an infestation of bed bugs when in reality they had bat bugs issue.  Only microscopic examination can distinguish the two.   The main physical difference between the two are Fringe hairs on upper thorax which are as long as the with of the bat bug’s eye.

Feeding habits of bat bugs are to feed on bats, however when bats are removed, they have been know to take residents in beds and frames like bed bugs.


Cockroach infestation clean out, Columbus Ohio

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Went to a clients apartment complex and with complaints of cockroaches. We were very surprised by not only the size of the cockroaches but also the amount occupying this apartment. It goes to show that landlords should probably inspect their apartments at least every year or more before this type of bug infestation gets out of hand. Luckily we were able to take care of the problem.

Big Roach

Big Roach

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