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Columbus Ohio Heroes Cant Hide From Bugs

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

There is always surprises around every corner that our heroes cant even hide. Bed Bugs are still an issues throughout the City Of Columbus. We are luckily enough to be able to help people everyday get their homes back!

Bed Bug Control Columbus Ohio


Stop Bugs From Joining Your Back To School Activities

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014


Its a exciting time of year as parents and kids in Columbus, Ohio as they are all busy preparing for the upcoming school year. With all of this activity it is common for parents to forget that pest populations are still at their peak and they want to go back to school with them! With such large number of students coming together in classrooms, it makes it easier than ever for pests such as ants and bed bugs to hitchhike rides from kid to kid or backpack to backpack. We put together some helpful tips to help keep “back to school” pests out of schools, homes and backpacks this fall!

Ants are one of the most common back to school pests because they are so tiny and can easily find their way in through cracks and crevices. They are constantly searching for food, which makes any crumbs left in a lunch box the perfect snack! Teachers and parents can help keep this tiny pest at away by keeping out old food and making sure lockers, lunchboxes and backpacks are kept crumb free.

Bed Bugs have become a significant problem at schools because of their great ability to move from kid to kid. These bugs are about the size of a tip of a pen and often found in all kinds of things like boxes, suitcases, backpacks, mattresses and shoes. To keep bed bugs from taking a ride. EnviroCare Pest Solutions recommends that you inspect backpacks each night and check around the seams to avoid carrying them inside the home.

Columbus Ohio Kid Friendly Pest Control


Travel Smart when Leaving Columbus, Ohio

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013
Bed Bugs are not good travel companions

Bed Bugs are not good travel companions

Most common ways of encountering bed bugs is during traveling. Bed bugs are best hitchhikers.
When I first check into hotel this is what I do.

• Pull back all of the bedding at the head of the bed near the head board to look for bed bugs or their fecal stains on the mattress
• Check the underside of the mattress tag
• Check the seams of the mattress and the boxsprings
• If possible remove the head board from the wall and inspect the back of it, particularly the holes for set-in screws and the plate that allows the head board to hang from the wall.

If bed bug evidence is found, report it to the management and ask for another room.
Remember, bedbugs don’t discriminate and have been found in world class hotels and budget properties alike so inspect carefully.

Bed bugs can be in the trunk of the taxi, in the luggage compartment of the airplane, or in the baggage
handling facility at the airport so luggage must go through checklist as well.

• Do not place your suitcase on the spare bed
• Inspect the luggage stand and place your bag on the stand away from the wall.
• Keep your clothing in your bag, do not unpack and place your belongings in drawers
• Using a flashlight, give a quick check to the closet for bed bug evidence before hanging clothes
• Place your shoes in an open area, not under the bed or in the closet

Upon returning home, unpack your luggage immediately in some location other than the bed room.
Launder all clothing in hot water. The suitcase can be put out in the hot sun or in the hot car for a day.
If you use soft bag like a duffel style bag or gym bag when traveling, put the bag in the dryer when you get home.

Columbus Ohio Bed Bug Exterminating


Bed bug facts you need to know in Columbus Ohio

Monday, April 15th, 2013


How do we know if our home is infested with bed bugs? Isn’t that the question we all ask ourselves?
In most cases, bed bugs are transported from infested areas to non-infested areas when they cling onto someone’s clothing, or crawl into luggage, furniture or bedding that is then brought into homes.
If you have bed bugs, you may also notice itchy welts on you or your family member’s skin.
You may also see the bed bugs themselves, small bloodstains from crushed bed bugs, or dark spots from bed bug droppings in your home. Bed bugs often hide in or near beds and bedroom furniture, and in the tufts, seams, and folds of mattresses and daybed covers.

Bed bugs go through various stages during the course of their life cycle. They begin as eggs, hatching sometime between 6 and 17 days after they are laid. They emerge from the eggs as nymphs and begin feeding immediately. After its first meal, a bed bug will molt and grow to its next stage of development and begin feeding again. After five molts, the bed bug reaches maturity and begins to reproduce. A female bed bug lays between one and twelve eggs per day (average is approximately five eggs per day), and may lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime.
Bed bugs are extremely hardy and can live up to 18 months without eating once. This means that bed bugs can be found in long-vacant rooms or abandoned furniture.

Bed bugs are nocturnal. They hide during the day but come out at night to feed, usually reaching the peak of their activity about an hour before dawn. Bed bugs are attracted to their hosts by carbon dioxide and warmth. Depending on its age, it takes a bed bug between 3 and 15 minutes to feed. When a bed bug bites, it injects saliva to prevent blood clotting and to numb the area. The bites inflicted by bed bugs can go unnoticed or be mistaken for the bites of other pests. All people are not equally sensitive to bed bug bites, so while some victims may break out in rashes from the bites, other people may not display symptoms. Even among people sleeping side-by-side, one person may show severe reactions while the other has no evidence of having been bitten at all. When a reaction does occur, the resulting feeling can be mild red spot to severe rash or even hives.

Bed bugs can affect anywhere and everywhere. There is no easy way to get led of them and it is expensive to treat.
Working with a professional pest management specialist licensed with the Ohio Board of Pesticide Control is always the best way to determine proper treatments for your situation.

Columbus Ohio Bed Bug Exterminator


BedBugs in Columbus Ohio Makes the Top infested Cities in the Country

Monday, June 25th, 2012
BedBug Life Cycle

BedBug Life Cycle

A recently release list of the top rankings cities show Bed Bug Population in Ohio as the heaviest activity with three cities in the top 15. These cities include Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland. This proves Bed Bugs are a continuing problem.

The 2012 Most BedBug infested Cities Include:

1 ) Philadelphia
2 ) Cincinnati
3 ) New York City
4 ) Chicago
5 ) Detroit
6 ) Washington D.C.
7 ) Columbus, Ohio
8 ) San Francisco
9 ) Denver
10 ) New Haven Conn.
11 ) Dallas
12 ) Houston
13 ) Indianapolis
14 ) Miami
15 ) Cleveland

BedBugs can cause all kinds of welts and rashes which may go undetected for months in homes or business. Its important that everyone knows to have their homes or business inspected by a professional if they think they have a problem.

Bed Bug Exterminators Columbus Ohio

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