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Columbus Ohio Heroes Cant Hide From Bugs

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

There is always surprises around every corner that our heroes cant even hide. Bed Bugs are still an issues throughout the City Of Columbus. We are luckily enough to be able to help people everyday get their homes back!

Bed Bug Control Columbus Ohio


Bed Bugs are getting old in Ohio

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013
Bed Bugs in Columbus Ohio

Bed Bugs in Columbus Ohio

Can you believe bed bugs been around since 1st century.
This is is shocking information since we recently started hearing about bed bugs and thought it was just part of a nursery rhyme.
This means bed bugs were around when Jesus preached in the early 1st century before crucifixion and resurrection.
Bed bugs existed when the Roman Empire dominated Europe, Africa and near East.
Bed bugs flourished during the Han dynasty in China in the East.
Bed bugs originated in tropical climates and hitchhiked it’s way to all over the world since 1st century as traveling become more common.
To think, bed bugs really harmed no one from caves they were originally found in.


Bed Bugs are Creeping in Columbus Ohio in the least likely places.

Friday, September 13th, 2013
Hospitals aren't safe from Bed Bugs in Columbus Ohio.

Hospitals aren’t safe from Bed Bugs in Columbus Ohio.

Do you ever think hospitals have bed bugs?
If you said No, You better check chairs, and beds before you rest yourself!
We all go to hospital to get better from whatever sickness we have.
If you are a parent you take your kids to be immunized because school requires it.
We dread going and get paranoid about catching disease when we leave.
But do you never think you will bring home bed bugs!

a well known hospital in Ohio had bed bugs and kept quite until an on-call doctors who spend nights in hospital ended up with infesting their own home.
Just remember, you can never be too safe when it comes to bed bugs!

Bed Bug Exterminator Upper Arlington Ohio


Dr. Oz’s Take on Bed Bugs Spreading through Columbus Ohio

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Bed Bug Exterminator Columbus Ohio


Can Drinking a Glass of Wine Keep Bed Bugs Away?

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Bed Bug Columbus Ohio

By: Brooke Borel, Life’s Little Mysteries Contributor
Date: 29 May 2012 Time: 03:11 PM ET

The common bed bug mainly survives on human blood, but what happens when that human has upped his or her blood alcohol content with a few glasses of a nice red wine? New research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests bed bugs are not as fond of alcohol as their boozy hosts, which may lead to fewer bug bites.

According to the study, bed bugs prefer alcohol-free blood to blood with alcohol in it; the higher the blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the less the bugs eat. And, because there is a direct link between blood intake and reproduction rates, those bugs also lay fewer eggs.

“[Bed bugs] need a blood meal to grow and to molt and to reproduce,” explained Ralph Narain, a Ph.D. candidate who conducted the work as part of his dissertation. “And one of their main hosts are humans, and we consume a lot of stuff. Alcohol was one of the easier ones to start with.”

Narain presented the findings last week at the National Conference on Urban Entomology in Atlanta.

How bed bugs imbibe

While it’s fun to imagine graduate students knocking back beers and feeding bed bugs on their arms, Narain took a more scientific approach in his experiment. He mixed 200 proof ethanol — the same compound estimated by a Breathalyzer — into four samples of expired blood from the Nebraska Blood Bank until he had BACs of 0.010, 0.025, 0.050 and 0.100 (0.08 is the legal limit for driving). A control sample contained no alcohol.

Next, he selected 20 adult bed bugs for each blood sample, weighed them, fed them their respective samples, and weighed them again. He repeated the experiment six times.

The average mass of the bed bugs that fed on the clean blood increased by over 100 percent. Those that fed on the blood with the lowest BAC, 0.010, increased just 60 percent, and the number decreased for each increase in alcohol. The bed bugs that fed on the 0.100 BAC sample went up a mere 12.5 percent.

As for the eggs, the control groups laid an average of 44 after the feeding, while those that fed on the highest BAC laid an average of just 12.

It’s unclear whether the alcohol affected the adult bugs’ behavior or their offspring’s development, although future tests might attempt to measure both. Narain also plans to run tests on other drugs, although he wouldn’t officially disclose which.

Way toward pest control?

So, can we just knock back a few glasses of wine every night to keep the bed bugs away? Probably not. “I’m not going to suggest someone should consume alcohol to control bed bugs,” Narain said.

Ill health affects aside, it likely wouldn’t help curb an infestation. While the bed bugs do feed less on alcohol-laced blood, they still feed, and while they lay fewer eggs, up to 95 percent still hatch. And it just takes a few to create a nuisance.

Dini Miller, an entomologist and bed bug expert from Virginia Tech, agreed: “I don’t know what sort of implications it has ultimately, because unfortunately they still produce enough eggs to cause an infestation. So while they feed less, still, we’re not going to experience less of a problem. But it’s very interesting to know.”

Brooke Borel is a contributor to Life’s Little Mysteries, and is currently writing a book about bed bugs. For more crazy bed bugs stories, follow her on Twitter: @brookeborel

Bed Bug Control Columbus Ohio


Avoid Bed Bugs While You Vacation

Saturday, March 31st, 2012
Vacationing Bed Bugs

Vacationing Bed Bugs

* Once you open your hotel room, pull back the sheets and inspect the mattress seams immediately, particularly in the corners. That is where you will see the telltale stains or spots of Bed Bug activity. If you see anything suspicious, notify the hotel management and change rooms immediately. Take a room far away from the previous room location. Or change hotels all together.

* Inspect the entire room before unpacking, this includes behind the headboard and in sofas/chairs. If any pests are spotted, change rooms immediately.

* If changing rooms is necessary, be sure that you DO NOT move to another room that is adjacent and/or directly above/below the infested room. Bed bugs can easily catch a ride via housekeeping carts, luggage and even through walls. If bed bugs are spreading, they typically do so by inhabiting the rooms closest to them first.

* Consider placing your suitcase in a plastic trash bag or protective cover during the duration of your trip to ensure that bed bugs cannot take up a residence and bring them back to Columbus, Ohio.

* When you finally get back to Columbus, Ohio, inspect your suitcases before bringing them into the house. Vacuuming your suitcase thoroughly before storing them away can help reduce the risk of bring home unwanted guests. Consider taking all your cloths and throwing them into the wash using hot water and then into the dryer on its hottest setting. This will kill any bed bugs or eggs that may have been brought home.

Columbus Ohio Bed Bug Treatment


Bed Bug Exterminating info in Columbus Ohio

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Here are the facts about Bed Bugs:
-Female bedbugs can lay up to five eggs in a day and 500 during a lifetime.
-They are nocturnal in nature which means that they move about in night only.
-They can be seen with the human eye, but do a great job at hiding
-Bed Bugs are flat, brown, wingless and about 1/4 of an inch
-They can live 1.5 years without feeding
-They feed on human blood preferring to do it in the dark when you’re sleeping
-Bed Bugs are usually found in beds and small cracks.
-Bed bugs are not known to carry diseases as of yet
-Many people mistakenly associate bed bugs with dirty conditions. Actually, they are attracted to carbon dioxide and not dirt.
-They have 6 legs, shiny reddish-brown but after a good serving of your blood, they appear dark brown and swollen as in the picture below.

Adult Bed Bug Columbus Ohio

Adult Bed Bug Columbus Ohio


How To get rid of Bed Bugs.

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Getting rid of bed bugs isn’t the easiest process, and most cases of bed bug infestation will require treatment by a pest control professional like EnviroCare Pest Solutions. There are a variety of low-odor sprays, dusts, and aerosols that can be used to exterminate bed bugs. These must be applied to all areas where the bugs are are harboring as well as spaces where they might crawl or hide. The exterminating company can help determine if the mattress or furniture can be saved or must be discarded. Since beds cannot readily be treated with chemicals, it’s often necessary to discard infested mattresses and beds.

EnviroCare Pest Solutions may recommend certain forms of deep-cleaning such as scrubbing infested surfaces with a stiff brush to remove eggs, dismantling bed frames and furniture, walls, and moldings. Also we can give you options on encasing mattresses within special bags.

Adult Bed Bugs

Adult Bed Bugs


Bed Bug Exterminators Help Prevent invasion in Columbus Ohio

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

EnviroCare Pest Solutions is doing its part in exterminating the bed bug invasion throughout Columbus, Ohio. We have been fortunate enough to be call upon when hundreds of residents in Columbus, Ohio need us most.

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