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You Think Your As Strong As A Ant in Columbus Ohio?

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

If you can lift over 1000 Lbs, you may want to keep on training. Ants have been known to lift over 50 times their body weight.

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Know The Difference Between Carpenter Ants vs Termites

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
Carpenter Ants vs Termite

Carpenter Ants vs Termite

Carpenter ants and termites can destroy your house.
Do you know the difference on how carpenter ants and termites damage our house?
Both carpenter ants and termites are wood destroying pests however carpenter ants damage is far less than termites.
Carpenter ants cause damage to wood primarily due to nest construction.
Termites can eat your house from inside and damage our house as food source.

Carpenter ants damages are only a result of their nest building efforts however give them enough time to build a large enough nest, damages can be severe. Carpenter ants clean and polish the galleries in the wood. The galleries are smooth in appearance and do not resemble the rough jagged appearance of subterranean termite galleries.

Let’s protect our home from wood destroying pest!

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Ant Exterminating Solutions that are Healthy for Families and Pets

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014


Ants are on the move in Columbus Ohio

Friday, April 11th, 2014
Columbus Ohio Carpenter Ant

Columbus Ohio Carpenter Ant

Small ants are all around the house every spring.
It is such a nuisance when you walk into your house and see black dots crawling around everywhere.
What do you do when your kids are running around and screaming that ants are in their pants?
How do you stop from ants coming into the house without the use of chemicals. Well here are some common sense tips for Ant Control

Ants are always looking for food, specially sugary food.
-If kids spill juice it is best to clean up right away so it does not attract ants.
-Wherever you see crumbs of food you will see ants so it is best to vacuum right away as well.
-We tend to forget about dishes we leave in our sink and trash inside our house.
-It is very important to understand that ants have a great sense of finding food so keep your sink and trashcan clean.
-It is best to rinse food off of plates and take trash out if there is any food in there.
Ants will find tiny cracks in our house to get in and out, simple use things to block these entry points can help.

Remember clean house might be the best defense against ants.

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Ants Band Together To Create Raft and Protect the Queen

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014
Floating Ants in water

Floating Ants in water

How will we survive when there is flood and we can not use anything else but each other?
Can we work together like ants?

According to a study published in the latest issue of PLOS ONE, ants created waterproof buoyant raft linking each other.
Baby ants were at the base of raft, worker ants formed link to finish rest of structure and queen ant was placed in the middle.
I understand queen being placed in the middle since it is safest spot on the raft but baby ants at the base does not make any sense.
Jessica Purcell from the University of Lausanne said, “We expected that individuals submerged on the base of the raft would face the highest cost, so we were astonished to see the ants systematically place the youngest colony members in that position. After further experiments revealed that the brood are the most buoyant members of the society and that rafting does not decrease their survival, this configuration benefits the group at minimal cost.”

Who knew that baby ants can float? This would definitely not happen in the human race

This explains why ants outsmart us and persevere like cockroaches.

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Ant Prevention in Columbus Ohio

Monday, June 24th, 2013


Ant Prevention Tips

Don’t let ants in Columbus, Ohio rule your home

Every year homeowners residences of Columbus, Ohio must fight with ants, both inside and out. If you are already witnessing ants in the kitchen, bathroom or elsewhere in your home, then you should consider contacting a pest control company to help you get rid of ants. If you are not already dealing with ant problems and are simply looking for ways to prevent pavement ants, carpenter ants and other ants in Columbus, Ohio from invading your home, try these ant prevention tips from EnviroCare Pest Solutions.

Inside Your Home

-Organize pantry items so that you use oldest items first
-Clean up food (including pet food) and beverage spills as soon as they occur
-Be diligent in taking out trash
-Keep food preparation areas and floors clear of crumbs
-Store food in airtight containers, glass or durable plastic if possible
-Regularly clean under and around appliances to remove grease, food debris and other items that attract ants

Outside Your Home

-Eliminate “Highways” to your home by trimming trees and shrubs back
-Seal openings around doors, windows and the foundation
-Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids and are free of holes
-Store firewood well away from buildings and up off the ground

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A Parasitic Worm Infects An Ant

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013
Infected Ant

Infected Ant

By Ajai Raj

In the jungles of Belize last January, entomologist Alex Wild noticed something odd about the trap-jaw ants passing through his outdoor insect photography class: They all had shrunken heads and swollen abdomens. A day after making the observation, Wild and his students came upon an ant with a worm bursting out of its side. Parasites were at work. Nematode worms enter the ants as larvae and grow inside the ants’ body cavity, siphoning off nutrients and distorting their hosts’ natural anatomy. When the eight-inch-long nematodes are ready to mate a few weeks later, they push their way out of their half-inch-long hosts, killing them.

In the abdomen of a trap-jaw ant, a parasitic nematode lives off nutrients from the surrounding fluids and changes the morphology of its host.

The jaws of a parasite-free worker can snap shut on prey in just 1/10,000 of a second—the fastest known mechanical action in nature.

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Mild winter in Columbus Ohio could brings more pests.

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Columbus Ohio Sunny Day

To guard against the early pests infestation, EnviroCare Pest Solutions Suggest a few tips to homeowners:

Maintain at least 1 inch between soil and any wood portions of your home.
Keep mulch away from your foundation.
Seal cracks and small openings around the outside of your house.
Get rid of standing water or moisture.
Keep your tree and other plants trimmed back from so they are not touching your house.
Keep trash containers cleaned out
Put screen windows and doors up around the house.
If you see any problems, contact EnviroCare Pest Solutions to recommend the best course of treatment.


Carpenter Ants Can Make Some Damage

Thursday, April 1st, 2010
Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ant damage is a result of nesting. They chew through wood for queens to lay eggs and for baby ants to develop. Carpenter ants gain no nutritional value from wood, however the damage it make is generally for nests purposes only.

Carpenter ants like to live in damp wood. When carpenter ants do enter homes, they like to enter through ducts of heating and cooling equipment, windows, when trees hang onto structures, telephone wires cable lines and firewood from outdoors. Carpenter ant infestations are obvious when Carpenter ant workers move through rooms in search of food and water.

Carpenter ant damage is not as severe as the damage caused by termites, carpenter ant nests can cause some extreme damage over a period of time. As the number of carpenter ants colony grow, their expansion through the wood increases, causing major damage to structures.

Carpenter ants clean and polish their nests of wood so that they appear smooth as sandpaper. The nests of carpenter ants also have holes through which worker ants push debris out. Often consumers see a pile of wood shavings below these holes. These shavings are like scraps produced from sharpening a pencil. While the wood surface may appear undamaged, carpenter ant nests can be identified by little window holes.

Carpenter Ant Damage

Ants can talk

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010


Ants are able communicate with each other about danger and directions to food.

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