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Do Not Be Scared Of The Mayfly July 10th, 2016

You probably have seen Mayfly along Lakes and streams in and around Columbus Ohio
What do you normally do when you see them?
Do you really know much about Mayflies?

Mayfly is a harmless insect that do not bite. They have about a two-year life span, most of which is spent in the sediment at the bottom of water. The larvae swim ashore, and shed their outer layer and sprout wings and a long tail, much like a caterpillar sheds its cocoon and becomes a butterfly. “The mayfly larva metamorphosis into a flying insect, and that stage is an adult insect. That’s what we are seeing now, In their adult stage, they have no mouth and live for about 24 hours.

So let’s not ruin their Short life by smashing or using toxic chemicals!
The pests are a primary food source for all kinds of fish like walleye, perch, bass and even birds eat them as well.
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Dogs are Family too! July 10th, 2016

We treat your pets like our family! We want to keep them safe at all times.
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Bed Bugs Favorite Hiding Spot! Can You Guess? June 16th, 2016

In the BED of course!
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The Amazing Engineering Spider March 16th, 2016

Most of us shriek when we see or walk into spider web.
Before you destroy a web think about engineering and silk of which it is made.

Spiders can make up to seven different kinds of silk.
Silk turns from liquid to solid when it hits the air.
Silk has a tensile strength stronger than steel at the same density.
Silk has inspired fibers like Kevlar used in bullet proof vests.
Silk has biomedical applications like silk scaffolding for nerve regeneration and super fine medical sutures.
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Ready for Summer Travel? Tips on how to not to bring bed bugs home? March 16th, 2016

Traveling has encouraged bed bugs to spread globally.
Bed bugs are best hitchhikers attaching to our bags and clothes.

Columbus, Ohio is ranked 7th worst infected Bed Bug city in the country.
We have to prevent bed bugs from coming into our home! Following simple check lists when you are traveling can help reduce your risks.

-Place your luggage in the bath tub after check into your room
-Pull sheets off the bed and start checking for blood spots on the mattress and signs of bed bug along the seams
-Check for bed bugs and eggs on head board and behind of bed frame
-Check all upholstery including wood furniture’s crack and seams
-Change your hotel room immediately if you see any sign of bed bugs

When you arrive home and have any concerns

-Take off your clothes and place in a plastic bag on hard surface like wood before you step into your home after traveling
-Empty your luggage and place clothes in a plastic bag
-Vacuum luggage and floor where you changed
-Take a hot shower and wash clothes from plastic bag in hottest temperature
-Wash all your personnel things in hot soapy water

Sticking to these tips will help save your family from a big headache. If you think you have a issue please call a professional like EnviroCare Pest Solutions

What’s Really Going On With The Kissing Bug? December 17th, 2015

Triatomine bug also known to us as the kissing bug has been all over news lately.
What is the truth behind their deadly bites?

Kissing bug is nocturnal and about an inch long and feeds on mammal’s blood.
They specially like to bite around lips and faces of people.
Bites are deadly only if it is infected with the parasite trypanosoma cruzi defecate and the fecal matter infects the bite. This infection is called Chagas disease.

According to Sarah Hamer who is assistant professor of epidemiology at Texas A&M’s veterinary and biomedical school. “It’s great we are heightening our awareness but we don’t need to be terribly scared.” She also says that it is rare for kissing bugs to feed on people. The studies have also found that there is only about one case Chagas for every 900-4,000 contacts with infected kissing bugs.
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Columbus Ohio Heroes Cant Hide From Bugs December 2nd, 2015

There is always surprises around every corner that our heroes cant even hide. Bed Bugs are still an issues throughout the City Of Columbus. We are luckily enough to be able to help people everyday get their homes back!
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Allergies in Columbus Are So Annoying. May 21st, 2015

Are you sneezing with runny and watery eye?

Do you feel like you have allergies all year long or just spring and fall?

There are more than 50 million Americans suffering from allergies today. Ashleigh Schmitz Morley gathered up 10 facts from Food Allergy Research Education, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, American Allergy Asthma and Immunology, The Mayo Clinic, Healthline, One and five Americans have allergy. Ninety percent of food allergy come from cow’s milk, soy, peanuts, wheat, tree nuts, shell fish, and eggs. Two percent of American adults have doctor diagnosed food allergy. Twenty five billion dollars are spent every year in reactive food allergy care. There is at least 6 detectable allergens in half of American home. Americans spend 14.5 billion dollars on allergy every year. There is 65 percent chance parents can pass their allergies to their kids. Three percent of adults have life threatening allergic reaction to insect sting. Allergy rank 5th in USA among chronic diseases. Eighty percent of allergy is respiratory.

Its not Halloween but Ghost Ants are Real! April 16th, 2015

Ghost ants are usually found in potted plants, planter beds, wall voids. However, ghost ants are also found boxes near and within greenhouse and tropical exhibits. Ghost ants are practically invisible, it just appears that way because of transparent legs and abdomen. Ghost ants were originally found in Africa and Asia but now they are worldwide pest. They are common pest in greenhouses and zoos. Their colonies have multiple queens and luckily ghost ants do not bite us like other well known ants.
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Spring Pest Control Check list for Columbus Residents March 12th, 2015

All residents of Columbus, Ohio should keep in mind the following as they begin their spring cleaning routine.

-While cleaning along the windows and door you should look at entry points and seals where Ants may enter.
-As you clean the pantry out, all Dried food should be stored in airtight container.
-Take visual inspections of rafters, roofline, vents, attic, basement, deck and outbuilding for any concerns structally that may cause problems to your home.
-Remember to cut shrubs and tree branches away from house, these can be used as a highway into your home.
-Eliminate all the standing water around your house. They can be a breeding ground for bugs.
-Keep your basement dried, check out that sump pump and make sure its in proper working order.

Hope this spring is pest free so everyone can get outside and enjoy the weather!

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