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Total Green Solutions

Our products and treatment methods focus on protecting the health and well-being of your family, pets and environment

Step One -- Get To The Heart Of The Pest Problem

Our professional technician will inspect the premises to discover:

bug bullet Where are the pest(s) are located?
bug bullet Identify which pest(s) are present?
bug bullet How did they enter the structure?
bug bullet Evaluate sanitation practices and structural problems conducive to infestation to exist?
bug bullet Are there any conditions that may affect the type of pest management program being prescribed?

Step Two -- Prescribe The Healthier Options

In an integrated EnviroCare approach to pest control, several of our low impact or atural prescription may be rendered in a given situation. Our customer will be presented and educated on the strategy, product and treatment options for the effective safe, long term solution.

The bottom line is that EnviroCare respect your property. We want to make sure you understand the when, what, where, how and why on everything we do. Just an extra step we take to ensure your comfort.

Step Three -- Initiate The Best Treatment Program

EnviroCare works with the customer for more long-term pest control results by first implementing exclusion and other techniques that alters the environment in which pests are invading your property.

If products are necessary to the treatment program, interior treatment will be administered through the proven low impact technique of Crack and Crevice that strategically places products only where pests enter, nest and harbor, ensuring that your family is never exposed.

Step Four -- Keeping The Pest Away

Envirocare Pest Solutions continues to sample and monitor pest population levels. Our goal is to stop pests before they ever invade your living environment again. We guarantee our work in writing. If they do come back for any reason, we will return.