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Bed Bug Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bed Bugs:
  • Bed bugs are small, flat, brownish insects that feed on blood of people. /li>
  • An adult bed bug is about ¼” long fully matured.
  • Bed bug nymphs or young are much smaller and almost colorless before first blood meal.
  • Eggs of bed bugs are white and very small (1mm)
  • Bed bugs have 5 nymphal stages before adulthood is reached each requiring a blood meal for its further development.
Why bed bugs cause serious nightmares?
  • Love to suck your blood your blood - Bed Bugs prefer human blood and will feed countless amount of time during its life
  • Attack people when they are most vulnerable - Bed Bugs are nocturnal and mostly feed at night while hosts are deep asleep between the hours of 3am to 5am
  • Hard to detect when they feed - Actual bites and feeding of human blood are painless and undetectable in most cases.
  • Do carry a lot of diseases but don’t spread them - Over 25 most dangerous disease pathogens have been found in bed bugs, transmission pathogens to humans has never been documented
  • Can hide away a long time - Bed Bugs can live to 2 years without a blood meal
  • Can be almost anywhere and everywhere in your home - Bed Bugs can hide in any crack and crevices
  • Can and will go anywhere in your home - Bed bugs will travel long distances through walls and other obstacles to reach a meal.
  • Very hard to get rid of - There are known populations of bed bugs that are resistant to pesticides.
  • Can drive you crazy - There are phobias that is associated with bed bugs.
Some basic true or false on bed bugs:
  • Bed Bugs only live in your bed. False—Bed bugs can live anywhere and everywhere inside your home. Bed bugs are known to travel great distances between blood meals.
  • Bed bugs are a third world problem. False—Cases of Bed bugs have been found anywhere in the world. The problem with bed bugs are worst in third world countries due to lack of resources needed to control them.
  • If I keep my home clean, I can’t get bed bugs. False—Proper sanitation and reducing clutter in your home are contributing on the road to eliminating bed bugs. But a clean home is just as vulnerable to bed bugs as a dirty home.
  • You can get sexual transmitted diseases from bed bugs because they suck our blood. False—We are fortunate that Bed bugs only carry dangerous disease pathogens and do not spread them.
  • I can take care of it myself. False - It is highly recommended that one seek professional help if you suspect you may have bed bugs. The problem can spread and get lot worst if bed bugs are not controlled quickly by professionals with experience, knowledge and proper products.
Please call us and our friendly bed bug experts can quickly answer your questions and address your concerns. We can help you determine if you have bed bugs and what it will take to eliminate them.