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Bed Bug Prevention

The key to preventing yourself form getting bed bugs is to know when you are at risk of encountering them. Remember that all it takes is one to two bed bugs introduced to an environment to become a major infestation over time. Bed bugs hide in any small crevices and can survive without food for one year. Bed bugs may accompany clothing, luggage, furniture, and other such objects as stowaways when moved between apartments, homes, work and hotels.

The four most common ways bed bugs are transported:

  1. Luggage exposed to bed bugs from travel
  2. Used Furniture--reconditioned mattresses and couches
  3. Neighbors from adjoining apartments
  4. Dry Cleaning/laundry facilities
Some basic preventative tips on bed bugs when traveling:
  • Do not stay over night in places that you know are infested with bed bugs
  • Do a thorough inspection behind the headboard and on the mattress after pulling away the sheets and bedding. You are looking for small bugs and black specks (dry blood / bed bug droppings). Call the front desk of your hotel if you have any concerns.
  • Try not to unpack everything and be cautious of unnecessary exposure of your clothes to the environment if you are not 100% sure its bed bug free.
  • Keep your luggage zipped up when not in use to keep bed bugs from hitchhiking
  • Inspect luggage before leaving your hotel for bed bugs
  • After returning from a trip, do not expose your luggage to living areas of your home if possible. Unpack in garage and wash all clothes in hot water or drop off dry cleaning. It is good idea to put your luggage in sealed trash bag while in storage.
Other preventative tips on not getting bed bugs:
  • Do not pick up furniture that could be exposed to bed bugs
  • Before moving to a new apartment, find out if it has a history of bed bugs. Also make sure your neighbors that you share walls with do not have bed bugs. Remember, bed bugs will travel through walls.
  • Inspect your dry cleaning and clean laundry before introducing them back to your home.