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Do and Don’t when you discovered that you have bed bugs:

  1. Don't start spraying, bombing or fogging in a panic. Bed Bugs harbor in cracks and crevices where improper use of the wrong product at wrong places will only spread the bugs out to a larger areas. Therefore making the problem worst.
  2. Don't Throw Out Your Mattress. Throwing your mattress away will not get rid of your bed bug problem. Your mattress can be saved with proper treatment.
  3. Don't sleep in other rooms or move out on your couch. Sleeping in other rooms will only spread the bed bug contaminations to other locations. Remember, bed bugs travel great distance between walls for a blood meal.
  4. Don't sleep at other people’s home. Sleeping at family and friend's home will only increase the possibility of spreading the problem to other people.
  1. Call a trusted pest control professional—you need someone with experience with getting rid of bed bugs.
  2. Do not wait too long-- Bed Bugs populations can spread very quickly. Longer you wait, the longer and more difficult it is to get rid of the problem
  3. Reduce Clutter—help eliminate hiding spaces for bed bugs
  4. Wash Clothes—wash all clothes with hot water